A List is a curated group of Twitter accounts. You can retweet from your own public lists or public lists created by others. Retweeting from lists allows you to retweet everything from a group of one or more specific Twitter accounts.Follow these steps to configure retweeting from any public Twitter List:

  1. Pick existing or create new Twitter List.
  2. Add Twitter account(s) you’d like to retweet from to this List.
  3. Add this List to RoundTeam.

How to add your favorite list to RoundTeam:

  1. Click plus button next to “Lists” section of your Team.
  2. Enter a username (exclude @) and a listname (no quotes).
  3. Enter any hashtag, mention, keyword, or a phrase you want to retweet from this list to the keyword field or leave it blank to retweet everything from this List. This field also supports OR, AND logical operators, so you can put something like “#coffee AND #ny” to require both tags to be present in Tweet.
  4. Finish with the check mark button.

For enhanced privacy, any List can be made “Private” on Twitter after it was configured in RoundTeam. These actions won’t affect retweet results.

Note: Lists can be additionally filtered by using various filters.

For more help, watch their “How to Retweet from a Twitter List” tutorial.